Do I need to make changes to my theme for the app to work?

After you install the app, it starts working automatically by giving your customers an option to add shipping warranties to their orders. However, if you want to add the shipping warranty checkbox at any desired location, you can simply add the following line of code to your Shopify theme file(s) and the warranty option will be displayed at that location.

<div id=”ftfy_shipping”></div>

How can my customers submit a case for shipments they don’t receive?

Right after your customer places an order with the shipping warranty from Guardia One, they recieve an email from us with a link to submit a case for stolen, lost or damaged shipments. Whenever they need to submit a case, they can simply click on that link in the email after which they will be taken to the case submission form on our website. Alternately your customers can also click on the “Submit a Case” button on our website https://guardia1.com to locate their order and submit a case.